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Sunday, August 4, 2013

heather's bachelorette party.

Had a blast decorating and hosting Heather's Lingerie Shower the Thursday night before her wedding!  It was such a fun night blessing the bride to be and getting her ready for the honeymoon! The color scheme was pink and aqua and I went with a beach theme since they went to Hawaii for their honeymoon! The dessert table was pink and we sipped on "Be Flirty" pink moscato!

It's not a party without straw flags! DIY using a template I found on pinterest.

H&C Simmons!



H+C love

Pink dessert table! 
The center piece is lingerie ornaments on silver spray painted branches with pink roses.

Dining table with DIY silver glitter dipped tea light candles, seashells and pearls.

Adorable lingerie sugar cookies. 

Sweet friends.

Beautiful bride.

Game time.

Lingerie decor, of course.

"Be Flirty" moscato


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