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Friday, July 20, 2012

"pintastic" recipes.

Liz LIKES to bake y'all...and thanks to Pinterest I've tried many new recipes!

Here are a few of my favs...

dark chocolate comfort cookies. amazing. will make again and again.

do you like banana bread?

banana bread bars with brown butter frosting. to die for.

our birthday cake. chocolate, reese's and peanut butter. clearly.

double chocolate chip muffins.  super moist.

chocolate chip cookie birthday cake. yum.

funfetti cake.
 (not from scratch bc my boyfriend asked for the box. sad face.)

cinnamon rolls with coffee maple glaze (christmas time).

snowflake loft house cookies.

peppermint meltaways (christmas time favorite).

four ingredient nutella cookies.

 nutella pumpkin muffins.  fall favorite.

ooey gooey chocolate chip cake.

inside out carrot cake muffins with cream cheese.

You can find these recipes and many more by following my "cookies and cakes" board on Pinterest!

To support my baking hobby/addiction:: I run...and yep, that's why!

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