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Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY wine bottle candles and vintage kitchen prints.

Thank you Pinterest!
DIY wine bottle candles
vintage kitchen prints

These two quick DIY ideas were inexpensive, easy and fun to do!

Over a few months I saved wine bottles in different colors and shapes.  I bought 3 ivory candle sticks at Walmart for $.88 each, cut and scrapped the bottom so that they fit into the wine bottle.  Next you want to get some newspaper, foil, etc. to set underneath the bottles to collect the fallen wax.  I placed my bottles and candles under the air vent and fan in the living room and rotated/turned them so the wax evenly melted all around.  It was fun to play with the wax and fire! Pleased with how they turned out!

I placed mine on top of our hutch in the dining room! 
Soon I'll be painting that mirror another color besides boring white.
That cook book is "Peace Meals" by the Houston Jr. of my favorites given to me from my sister in law, Kate who is a wonderful cook!

I was so excited to make these vintage prints!  I saw them on Pinterest and thought, "Oooo how easy and inexpensive!"
The total DIY project cost me around $8 which was the cost of the frames from Hobby Lobby.  I bought regular, wooden, 8x12 frames when they were 40% off.  Then spray painted them black!  The prints are from @TheGraphicsFairy and are FREE!  I printed and cut the prints out, modge podged them on top of torn book pages which were modge podged onto white 8x12 card stock paper.
So easy and turned out so cute!  I hung them vertically on a wall in our dining area.

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