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Sunday, July 15, 2012

refinishing my antique dresser.

My antique dresser antiqued...

Last week was one for crafts and projects due to all the rain, rain and more rain.  My kind and generous sister gave me an antique dresser for free that she bought for $25 dollars at a garage sale!  I painted it "Dover White" from Sherwin Williams and then glazed it with an antique glaze to match a few other pieces I have in my bedroom.  All I have left to do is find new hardware that fits the existing 2.75 inch holes.  I found some perfect drawer pulls at Anthropologie (surprise, surprise) but they are 3 inches in width and cost $18 a piece. So the search is on to find hardware that doesn't only come in the standard 3" width.  So far I have looked at Anthro, World Market, Hobby Lobby, Lowe's and Home Depot.  I have one more place in the area to go check.  May have to special order them.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can find the perfect ones for $10 or less!

Here are some examples of what I'm searching for...

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