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Monday, July 2, 2012

camp hope.

Camp Hope::Bringing hope to the teens in foster care

This summer I had the privilege of serving at a camp for  teens in foster care! The camp is a nation and world wide camp called TRAC (Teen Reach Adventure Camp) and The Bridge (a co-ed high school camp that we started this summer in our area!!!)  Meeting the teen girls and hearing their stories has changed my heart and forever put them in my thoughts and prayers.  I am thankful that God placed each of them in my life and allowed me to love them and be the hands and feet of Christ.  Jesus calls us to father the fatherless and that is one thing the staff at this camp does so well!  Our purpose is to bring them a new hope for their future and for them to leave knowing how much Jesus loves and treasures them and the plan and purpose God has for each of their lives!

My cabin's theme was "Girls on Fire"!  We went with The Hunger Games trend and focused on Katniss's character traits and her admirable, strong qualities which many of the foster girls could relate to.  These girls are also so strong, brave, resilient and courageous.  I can't wait for camp next summer to see them all again and also am looking forward to mentoring a couple of the girls during the year!  
God has a special place in his heart for these children, and now so do I!

Decorating and getting ready for our campers to come the next morning!

 Red Cabin::Girls on Fire

Hand painted signs for the girls to take home to remember camp this summer!

Girls on Fire!  I had an artistic student make this for me before the school year ended.

Each girl enjoyed wearing a "flame" TuTu.

Katniss collage with all of her character traits and bible verses to go along with them.. "Be strong and courageous...", "She was clothed with strength and dignity..."

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