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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

easter and a recipe.

I sure hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend with friends and family. Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  How forever grateful I am for the gift of Jesus Christ who paid the ultimate sacrifice and laid down His life so that we may be set free! He is RISEN. Hallelujah and thank you Jesus! 

How adorable is this Easter bunting banner?  Me and my sister found it at Target for $6 and the letters are embroidered! So cute.

I spent Easter with my sweet baby nephew, Grant Ryan who is four weeks old.  He's perfection. 
Love him so much!  

 I did some Easter baking this weekend and found a new recipe for the most delicious homemade buttercream frosting!  These Easter cupcakes turned out so pretty and were super easy to make! To save time I used box mixes that included pudding which made the cupcakes moist. The buttercream frosting was what made these cupcakes irresistible! I topped them off with some coconut and Cadbury milk chocolate eggs. Yum!

 Blake loved the cupcakes too!

Recipe for the most amazing Buttercream Frosting!
Yields 4 cups

1 stick salted butter-room temperature
1 stick unsalted butter-room temperature
1 cup shortening
1 tablespoon clear vanilla extract
2 pounds confectioner's sugar (powdered sugar, 10x)
4-6 tablespoons cold milk

Cream the butter and shortening in the bowl. Add the clear vanilla extract and combine well.  Begin adding in the sugar and mixing thoroughly after each addition.  After all of the sugar has been added, begin adding the tablespoon at a time, combining very well after each addition. Enjoy!

On Sunday afternoon we went over to a close family friends house for Easter dinner and an egg hunt for the kids!  My dad is so funny and creative and is always thinking of fun ways to make new memories.  This year he dressed up like the Easter bunny and surprised the kids with money eggs during their egg hunt! He even made his own bunny ears and costume! 
Our Grampy is the best!!

Two of my favorite Easter traditions that we always did growing up are dyeing Easter Eggs and decorating Easter cookies. It was a sweet and fun time doing these two traditions with Blake and Luke! 

My beautiful sister Ame is such a wonderful and loving mom.  I have learned so much from her by how she cares for her three boys and serves her family. Sweet baby Grant is now four weeks old! 


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